Exclusively Ballet Classes

Annual classes at the Exclusively Ballet & Dance begin mid-August and run through May. We offer a Preschool Program for children ages 3 through 7, with each level being age-specific and based on what a child of that age should be able to handle. Combination classes are offered for students age 8 and up in Ballet, Jazz, Tap

Registration for our annual classes opens the end of April and continues through the end of October. If you have specific days and times that you must have for classes, we suggest you register as soon as possible. Our classes fill up quickly.

At the end of our school year, we will have a Spring Performance. The Ballet Performance will be held on Saturday Afternoon. The Contemporary Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and Solo Performance will be held Saturday Evening. On Sunday our Preschool and Technique Performance begins at 2:30 pm. These performances last approximately an hour and thirty minutes each, and are held the first weekend following Mother’s Day at Oak Mountain High School in the Performing Arts Center. All students are eligible to participate.

Children between the ages of 3 and 7 go into our Preschool-Technique Program. You should choose the level based on your child’s age in September.

Children age 8 and up will go into either the Level I or Intermediate classes, depending on whether they want to come one day or two days. Graded level classes consist of Level I – V. All levels for Level II and up require an audition for new students to ensure they are being placed in the proper level.

Preschool-Technique Program
(Ages 3-7)

A program designed to provide children with a strong foundation in dance and movement. It consists of several levels of competencies – each designed for a specific age group.

This program teaches the basic elements of movement and dance: space and how we relate to it; the eight basic locomotor movements; musical rhythm, beat, and time; opposites – left, right and direction; decision-making; basic body/health awareness; elementary positions of ballet. Integrated with these physical and intellectual concepts are other concepts which include creative expression, dramatic interpretation, imagination, teamwork, and self-awareness.

Enrollment is based on the child’s age in September. A student assistant works with the instructor in classes for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds.

Preschool I

Age 3. Beginning to explore movement, music, space, and your child’s own creativity. One 45 minute class weekly. They will perform Ballet only in the Spring Performance. Class size is 8-12 pupils.

Preschool II & Kindergarten

Ages 4 (II) & 5 (Kinder). A ‘getting ready for ballet & tap’ class. Your child will learn rhythm, space relationships, creative expression, basic coordination skills, and music. 4 yr olds 45-minute class and 5 yr olds 1-hour class. Class size 8-12


Ages 6-7. A class designed to help students make a smooth transition from the Preschool Program into the next level. Recommended for 6 & 7-year-olds with either previous preschool class experience or no previous dance experience at all. You may choose a 1-hour ballet class weekly or a 1.5-hour combination class including Tap and Jazz. Class size is 12-15 pupils.

Intermediate, Teen Beginner, Dance Team Prep
(Ballet Jazz, Tap Hip Hop)
(Ages 8 – 14) Students who only want one class per week

Intermediate Combination Class
(Age 8-14)

Enrollment in this level is based on the student’s previous training, rather than age.

Teen Beginner, Dance Team Preparation, (Age 12-18)

Enrollment in this level is for students with little to no previous dance training

Level I – V Ballet, Pointe, Jazz. Lyrical, Hip Hop

The study of classical ballet through a graded syllabus that incorporates elements of the method of study developed by the late Agrippina Vaganova of the Kirov Ballet School in St. Petersburg, and others.

The minimum age at which children may be enrolled in a Level I class is 8. Children age 8 with no previous dance experience should enroll in a Technique class.

Levels I & II are two-year programs Progression through Levels III and IV is based on the student’s abilities and work ethic.

Level I

Level I. Your child will learn the basics of the ballet barre and some centre work. 2 classes per week recommended at Level I for students whose goal is going on pointe. Children must be 8 by September to enroll in this level.

Level II

A further expansion of the basic barre techniques. Increased centre work. The study of pointe work begins. An audition is required of new students for enrollment. 2 ballet classes per week required. Students are evaluated for pointe work halfway through the year at the II level.

Level III

Audition required for enrollment. 4 ballet classes per week minimum for this level. Pointe work is included at these levels.

Level IV

Audition required for enrollment. 4 ballet classes per week minimum for this level. Pointe class is a must at these levels.

Level I – IV Jazz Tap Hip Hop
(Age 8 and up)

Jazz, tap and Hip Hop are offered for students age 8 & up. Because the technique is enhanced by a ballet foundation, students will benefit greatly if they take this class in conjunction with a ballet class. However, this is not required.

Jazz Tap Hip Hop I: Introductory level.

Jazz Tap Hip Hop II: Intermediate contemporary suitable for students enrolled in Level II ballet classes.

Jazz Tap Hip Hop III/IV: Advanced level classes suitable for students enrolled in Level II and higher ballet classes.