What to Wear for Class

In keeping with the traditions of classical ballet, girls must wear their hair fastened securely in a bun on the back of the head for all classes. Pony tails are allowed for classes in the Preschool Program. (There are practical reasons for this, other than aesthetic ones. Body alignment is critical in ballet, and the instructor must be able to see the line of a student’s body from the head down. Hair not up and off the neck can prevent this.) Laces and/or ribbons must be tucked into the shoes. Do not wear jewelry in class (earrings, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.). Please leave these items at home!
A girls dressing room is located off the lobby. Please do not leave purses or valuables in the dressing room during classes – take them into the studio with you. Better yet, don’t even bring valuables with you. Students should not enter and leave the premises dressed only in leotard and tights. This is not proper. Please wear a “cover-up”.

Uniforms & Dress Code

Exclusively Ballet & Dance follows a mandatory uniform policy in which most skill levels will have a specific color of leotard. These uniforms MUST be purchased through the office. Please purchase TWO so that laundry doesn’t keep your child from being in uniform. Please note that all tights and ballet/pointe shoes need to be pink.

*Occasionally, we will have  “Wear What You Want” week, in which students will be allowed to stray from their regular uniform.  These weeks will be specified by the office, and will be marked on studio calendars—so watch for them! Please note that appropriate dance attire (such as leotard and tights) is still required to take class during these weeks!

Dress Code Chart

LevelLeotardTightBallet ShoeTap ShoeJazz Shoe
Preschool I (3yr) Pink Pink Pink N/AN/A
Preschool II (4yr)Lt BluePinkPinkWhitePink Ballet
Preschool III (5yr) LavenderPink Pink White Pink Ballet
Technique (6yr) MulberryPinkPinkWhitePink Ballet
Intermediate (7yr) BlackPinkPinkBlack Tie Split SoleTan
Level I (8yr) BlackPinkPinkBlack Tie Split SoleTan
Level IIBlackPinkPinkBlack Tie Split SoleTan
Level IIIBlackPinkPinkBlack Tie Split SoleTan
Level IVBlackPinkPinkBlack Tie Split SoleTan