We are thrilled to have you join our Exclusively Ballet & Dance Family!

Exclusively Ballet & Dance would like to welcome all of our previous students back for another year of dance. We would also like to extend a special welcome to all the new students. We are looking forward to having a fun and exciting learning experience in this, our 24th year. We are so glad to be sharing the coming year with all of you and hope we can make it an enjoyable experience for all. This handbook is designed to explain all the requirements and provide useful information for the

Fall Season 2014-2015

If you have more questions, please contact the office. We will be glad to help you.

*Our Primary method of communication is through E-MAIL*

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Welcome to the Exclusively Ballet and Dance Family!

Please make sure that the office has your CURRENT e-mail address, as most correspondence will be done via e-mail. Regular e-mail updates will be sent, and these will be extremely important especially around special times of the year (i.e., Christmas Viewing Week, picture week, parent viewing week, recital, etc.). If you do not use email, please regularly check the bulletin boards in the studio where emails are posted or ask the office for a paper handout. We will also post on our “Facebook Page”!

Email: exclusiveballet@bellsouth.net Email: info@exclusivelyballet.com Website: www.exclusivelyballet.com


The staff of Exclusively Ballet & Dance believes that their job is extremely important and their responsibilities are to be taken very seriously. We strive to give each student personal attention, encouragement and motivation with which to build a strong self-esteem. Staff Bios and Pictures are available for you to view on the wall outside of the office.

Parent’s Voice
Parents, thank you for your participation in Exclusively Ballet! It is our mission to work with you and your dancer to train and prepare each student, not only artistically but also to teach them to be well-rounded, courteous, confident adults! Though our office hours are set, we will make appointments, either with the secretary or Monica, to see that your needs are met.

Parking Lot (for your Child’s Safety)

Please be very observant of the arrows that are painted on the asphalt in our parking lot. In the past there have been several close calls for fender benders. The drive nearest Highway 280 is the entrance and the drive nearest Brook Highland is the exit. Also remember that the space in front of the school is for drop off ONLY. PLEASE DO NOT PARK OR SIT IN THE DROP OFF ZONE. This is the only “through” lane in the lot, so it has the potential to cause huge traffic jams! If you are waiting for your child to exit the building, please find a parking spot and wait there or come inside. There is additional parking in the rear of the building.

Waiting Room

Do not leave your children unattended in our waiting room area. We cannot be responsible for their supervision nor any injury that may occur. Please help us by making sure they are not distracting any ongoing classes. Running in the studio is not allowed. All boys waiting are not to go in the dressing room. GIRLS ARE CHANGING! Dad’s and Grandfathers change your child before you come or use the restrooms instead of the dressing room. Thank you for understanding!

Withdrawal Policy

If you choose to WITHDRAW from a class or CHANGE classes, you MUST NOTIFY THE OFFICE IN WRITING IMMEDIATELY. You will be responsible for paying tuition and ANY additional late charges through the date you specifically indicate TO THE OFFICE IN WRITING. There are NO REFUNDS ON ANY FEES or COSTUMES if a student withdraws after SEPTEMBER 25, 2014. No past charges will be removed – only future ones. Simply not showing up or just telling the teacher does not suffice. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF THIS POLICY!

Costume Policy

1.Costume measurements will be taken by the student’s teacher.

2. All alterations on costumes are the sole responsibility of the Parent/Student. Costume companies make costumes for general sizes, thus not always fitting exactly as we would like our regular street clothes to fit. Many times minor adjustments are needed. Alterations are available through the school and will be charged to your account if choose to use the service.

3. Costume fees are to be paid in full at time of registration. In some cases, accessories, props, etc have to be purchased which can increase the price of your costume. In this case, the additional fee will be added to your dancer’s account, and you will be notified.

4. There is no sibling discount offered on recital costumes.

**In some cases, costumes will exceed what is initially charged. In this instance, the additional charge will be added to the dancer’s account.

Costume Fees are due at registration and are non-refundable after September 25th

Preschool I & II $70.00 (one costume)
Kindergarten $70.00 per discipline (2)
Technique $75.00 per discipline (2 max)
Inter/Teen/Level I –IV $95.00 per discipline
One costume for each discipline in which the student will perform.

***Solo, Duet, Trio $120.00 per costume due on or before Oct 16!***

Classroom Etiquette

No food, gum or beverages except water in the classroom.

During water breaks, Get water and return promptly to class.

Use the restroom before class begins.

If your classroom has viewing windows, please be courteous and do not lean against or tap on them at any time. Do not distract from the class in session. While watching your student from the viewing window, be aware of their focus on the class. When they seem distracted by seeing their loved ones (or class mates loved ones) please move away from the window.


Classes are divided by age and difficulty. Student placement is based on student’s skill level, to be determined by the instructor within the first few class meetings. Age is not always indicative of class placement. There will be no class changes made after October 1st because it will disrupt the completed recital plan. Classes with less than 5 students enrolled will be cancelled and those students will be placed in an alternate class.

Uniforms & Dress Code

Exclusively Ballet & Dance follows a mandatory uniform policy in which most skill levels will have a specific color of leotard. Please purchase TWO so that laundry doesn’t keep your child from being in uniform. Please note that all tights and ballet/pointe shoes need to be pink.




Ballet Shoe

Tap Shoe

Jazz Shoe

PS I Pink Pink Pink N/A N/A
PS II Lt Blue Pink Pink White Pink Ballet
Kindergarten Lavender Pink Pink White Pink Ballet
Technique Mulberry Pink Pink White Pink Ballet
Intermediate Black Pink Pink Caramel Tie Split Sole Tan
Level I Black Pink Pink Caramel Tie Split Sole Tan
Level II Black Pink Pink Caramel Tie Split Sole Tan
Level III Black Pink Pink Caramel Tie Split Sole Tan
Level IV Black Pink Pink Caramel Tie Split Sole Tan

***No uniform required for Teens, Adults and Dance Teams unless specified by your instructor. ***

*When in ballet class, HAIR MUST ALWAYS BE IN A BUN!!!

*Do not wear dance shoes outside.

*Do not wear any outfit that looks like a costume unless otherwise notified.

*Cover up adequately to and from the studio.

Picture Week

Each year, we create a recital program book with pictures of all of our classes. In years to come, it serves as a yearbook of this dance year.

In order to get pictures for the student’s recital book, we photograph each class. (With combination classes, we typically only photograph ballet costumes.) During Picture Week, class time will be replaced with a photo shoot. A schedule will be posted about a week before picture week, showing when classes are to be photographed. Classes will not necessarily meet at their regular time. Instead, we try to minimize the number of times students have to come to the studio for picture week. It is very important that all students are on time. If a student misses a group picture, it will not be possible to make it up. Students should have their hair, makeup and costumes done for pictures exactly as they will for the recital. Teachers send home a flier with student’s costumes explaining exactly how everything should be worn.

If you would like to have your student’s individual photograph taken, you may purchase them from the photographer/photographer’s assistant. (You will also need to have a picture taken if you are purchasing an ad that includes a photo. Money for photos does not go thru the office so you will need to pay the photographer directly on the day the picture is taken.

Win a “One Year tuition Scholarship”!

We have a contest each year to see who can sell the most ads in our RECITAL PROGRAM! Each student is encouraged to participate to win a chance at a full year scholarship. At least 20 Full Page ads or more must be sold. Whoever sells the most ads is the winner. Any size ads may be sold as long as they are 20 or more full pages worth.

Two types of ads are sold:
1) “Personal Ads” are typically purchased by friends and family to celebrate a specific dancer(s) with a message of congratulations, best wishes, etc., requiring a personal ad form.

2) “Business Ads” are purchased by businesses, requiring a business ad form. These ads serve to either send a message of congratulations to a dancer or focus on advertising a business, or both.

Yearly Extras

Throughout the year, many dance souvenirs and extras become available that can seem overwhelming to some parents. In order to ease surprise, here is a list of the things we offered last year and what time of year they became available. These items may change from year to year, based on availability and demand. In addition, price may change with what vendor we use. Because they are purchased from Outside Vendors, the studio pays upfront for these services, requiring us to charge you before any item is ordered. Remember that ALL yearly extras are OPTIONAL!

Dance Bags (Prices Vary Based on Size Ordered at Registration)

Personalized with child’s name and Studio Logo

Exclusively Ballet Car Tags ($10.00)

Personalized with child’s name or Studio Name only (Purchased at registration August 1)

Exclusively Ballet Sweats ($75.00)

Hooded Sweat Shirt and Sweat Pants (Purchased in October)


Packages range differently depending on number of costumes. (March)


Mounted, freestanding dancer photograph cutouts ($28.00-$32.00)

(March with Pictures)

Ads (Due Picture Week)

Recital T-shirts ($18.00-$20.00)

(Purchased before recital)

Program Books ($10.00)

A Complimentary book is received with ads over business size

(Available at recital, as available)

Recital DVD – Each show is separate.

Preschool/Technique (Sunday Recital)

Inter/Teen Level I – IV (Saturday Recital)

$27 for one, 42 for two, 55 for all 3

(Pre-Orders Begin in April)

Recital Tickets $10 adult, $5 Children

(Required for admittance, Parents and Siblings of EBD students are complimentary)